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Who We Are

Our Mission  


 The Sarafian Foundation builds wellness in schools, families, and communities by providing dynamic and engaging no-cost social emotional learning instructional programs, mental health tools, and wellness resources.


Through leveraged partnerships with schools and community agencies, our programs aim to disrupt the status quo of mental health and wellness in our communities by providing engaging, hands-on, instructional programs to youth, families, and educational partners. We focus on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness--including digital citizenship and cyberbullying--relationship skills, and responsible decision-making as we build connections to wellness both now and in the future.​

Our goal is to help children grow, heal, and learn to be physically and mentally healthy despite their circumstances. The Sarafian Foundation provides mental health care education, workshops, grants and/or scholarships, and after school expanded learning programs for all children and their families.

Our motto "ayo," the Armenian word for "yes," embodies the history of the Armenian people's great struggle and eventual success.  Yes, we can rise above. Yes, we can grow. Yes, together, we will prosper.

Let us help you say "ayo!" to prosperity. 

Our Namesake 










Richard Kegham Sarafian

Born Richard "Mesrob" Kegham Sarafian in Fresno, California in 1933, Mesrob spent his entire life in service to others. His kindness and openness to others, regardless of their circumstances or personal flaws, personifies the spirit of The Sarafian Foundation and guides its endeavors to help children and families. The Sarafian Foundation strives to honor his legacy of service to the community as it works to provide hope and assistance to those in need. 

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GIVE TODAY TO HELP Everyone Live Prosperously 

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