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Realizing help is accessible is the first step to



 The Sarafian Foundation builds wellness in schools, families, and communities by providing dynamic and engaging no-cost social emotional learning instructional programs, mental health tools, and wellness resources. Ayo (EYE-OH), the Armenian word for "yes" is essential to The Sarafian Foundation's mission. By saying Ayo! to wellness, children and families can truly thrive. We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission as we help communities say "Ayo!" to prosperity. Yes, we will grow. Yes, we will thrive. Yes, together, we will prosper.

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As we strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact in all of our pursuits, your support is imperative. Your gift can change lives. Volunteer of donate today!

Ayo! Resource Center

The Ayo! Resource Center is an extensive online platform that provides expert information and resources to help children, teens, young adults, families, and communities navigate life's obstacles. 


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